The Founders' Circle

The Foundation is only able to accomplish its goals of quality education, scholarships for professional development, and informative speakers at events is because of our generous investors.

The Founders’ Circle is an exclusive group that can be joined by invitation only. Supporting the Foundation with a multi-year pledge to contribute $1,500 or more annually, qualifies one to be invited to the Founders’ Circle.

The amount pledged will determine the level of invitation. The pledge is for five (5) years of annual contributions with the levels as follows:

President's Club – $ 5,000.00
Gold Level – $ 2,500.00
Silver Level – $ 1,500.00

The 5-year good-faith pledge is non-binding and the amounts pledged can be adjusted up or down at any time. Similarly, the pledge may be completely withdrawn at any time without any further obligation. Once withdrawn, your membership to The Founders’ Circle ceases to exist.

There is a Recognition Ceremony to honor all members of The Founders' Circle at the Annual Conference. Accordingly, it will be expected that the annual amount pledged will be funded in full before the first day of the conference.

Why Pledge to the Founders’ Circle?

• The generous support to join The Founders’ Circle provides each member many benefits
• Recognition Ceremony each year at the Annual Conference
• It fosters the development of a new generation in special district leadership
• Builds goodwill with special districts and FASD
• Eligible to use the “title” of being an exclusive Founders’ Circle member in your marketing initiatives
• Provide input into the education programs in which the Foundation supports
• Represents the Foundation at select events where the Foundation is featured
• Other recognition opportunities over time

Thank you to our Founders’ Circle Supporters!

President’s Club - $5,000.00 and Higher
Database Financial Solutions, Inc.
Egis Insurance & Risk Advisors
Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust 
Deep Blue Investment Advisors
Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.
Florida Insurance Alliance
Ramba Consulting Group, LLC

Gold Level - $2,500.00 and Higher


Silver Level - $1,500.00 and Higher

Bouchard MMA 
Grau & Associates 
Rita Greenberg 
Inframark Management Services