FASD Education Foundation

FEF logoWhat is the FASD Education Foundation?

The FASD Educational Foundation (“FEF”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that supports FASD and special districts by providing funding for scholarships to the Certified District Manager (CDM) Program as well as supporting our membership meetings by sponsoring the speakers and educational components. The CDM Scholarships are awarded annually to select and deserving candidates who wish to enhance their skills to meet the challenges of managing and leading special districts in Florida.

Why We Created the FASD Education Foundation

Several of our key supporters wanted to help FASD enhance its education programs regularly so they came together to create the FASD Education Foundation. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to provide scholarships for the CDM program and, secondarily, help FASD have the flexibility of securing prominent speakers not only at the Annual Conference but also the General Membership Meetings.

To help accomplish our mission, we have formed the Founders’ Circle. This formation recognizes an exclusive and unique group of donors who believe in the power of education and have a heart for giving on an annual basis. This group is a cornerstone in the Foundation and will be relied upon to predictably provide many of the resources the Foundation requires to accomplish their mission.

The Founders’ Circle wants to provide year-round educational programs to promote leadership and awareness for our members as well as attract new members. FASD offers educational webinars both live and on demand often at no charge to members. Also, FASD offers continued support of education offered at membership meetings and at the Annual Conference.

In past years FASD, through donations from Associate Members, awarded approximately 7-9 CDM Program scholarships each year. It was apparent from the first year of supporting the scholarship program that it was able to make a difference to our district members. However, the process of raising funds was informal and relied upon the goodwill of relationships established through FASD. Establishing FASD Education Foundation now gives us a formal structure with clear fundraising goals backed by a team and organization that wants to take the education program to a new level. In addition, it provides a platform to not only raise funds but also promote the value of the education programs supported, such as the CDM program.

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