Certified District Official Program

The purpose of this education program is to ensure elected district officials comply with the Florida Statues governing special districts.

While the FASD Board has the responsibility for the CDO Program, the Education and Certification Committee oversees the program and provides peer review of the qualifications of a candidate.

Initial Certification

The Certified District Official (CDO) Program is offered through FASD. This program is open to all Elected Officials from special districts in Florida. The CDO designation requires the completion of 25 hours of training in the educational components, or subjects, as noted below.  These educational components are offered at various FASD Meetings and at the Annual Conference. The CDO candidate has two (2) years to complete the required hours.

Component/Subject Areas Hours Required
Board Relations with District Manager and Staff 4
Contract Management 2
Public Relations 2
Strategic Planning 4
Intergovernmental Affairs and Agreements 2
Financial Management and Audits 2
The Legislative Process 2
Election, Ethics, Sunshine Law, and Records Management 4
How to Conduct a Board Meeting and Governance 2
Special Districts Program 1


The cost to apply to the CDO Program for FASD members is $250.00. If you're not a member, the cost is $350.00.


The CDO designation requires a bi-annual renewal. In order to maintain the certification, all CDOs will be required to attend FASD sponsored events and complete 16 hours (Continuing Education Hours, or CEUs) of verifiable training within a two (2) year period. The FASD Executive Director will maintain a list of CDOs and contact them six (6) months prior to the end of the two (2) year period. Evidence of a successful completion of recertification requirements will be submitted to the Education and Certification Committee Chair.

The cost to re-certify is $50.00 for members and $150.00 for non-members.

Continuing Education Hours

Continuing Education opportunities will also be available at each Annual Conference and at some Quarterly General Membership Meetings. The applicable courses and the number of hours associated with each will be advertised with the conference or meeting announcement after approval from the Education and Certification Committee.

Courses can be submitted to the Education and Certification Committee Chair for acceptance. A CDO seeking additional CEUs from other sources must submit in writing a course description to the Committee prior to attendance for approval, as well as a copy of a certification or acknowledgement from the conference director and/or instructor showing their attendance. These items must be submitted to the Education and Certification Committee after their attendance to this course.

Certified District Official Program Application