Governmental Affairs and Lobbying

In every sector of the economy, special districts are significantly impacted by the policies and decisions of state government. It is no longer enough for special districts to simply react to proposed change. The most effective approach to overcoming obstacles, creating opportunity, and protecting the bottom line involves working with decision makers and thought leaders outside of conventional financial and legal arenas to successfully address even the most complex governmental and community concerns. Conforming to established regulations and drafting and shepherding legislation requires teaming with counsel who offer not only deep industry experience and relationships, but who also have mastered the technical and procedural aspects of the legislative, regulatory, and administrative policy making process.

FASD continuously supports Florida’s special districts, serving as advocates for its members among policy makers, agency heads, and legislative leaders. Known as Florida’s voice for special districts, our working relationship with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and Florida's elected leaders allows for our members’ concerns and interests to be heard.

In addition, the FASD PC allows our association, through member contributions, to support candidates for state public offices who are supportive of special district issues.

Our state advocacy is led by David Ramba of Ramba Consulting Group, LLC. His team consists of Chris Lyon from Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A., and Laura Jacobs Donaldson from Manson Bolves Donaldson Tanner P.A.

Each week during Florida's interim committee weeks and the annual legislative session, FASD provides our members with an exclusive overview of the most up-to-date important legislative action and activities in Tallahassee. However, the legislative process is very fluid, and things can change at a moment's notice as new bills are filed, meetings are noticed late, amendments are created and noticed late. Your FASD legislative team works to track these activities and alert our executive board and legislative committee as things happen in real time. If information changes after our weekly email update, we notify the appropriate committee and practice groups and provide updates.