National Special Districts Coalition News

November 2022

NSDC Calls for Clarity on Liability, Accounting of Costs of Needed on EPA's Proposed PFAS Regulation

October 2022

Financial Disclosure Transparency Act

There is a possibility of the Financial Data Transparency Act’s inclusion in the FY23 National Defense Authorization Act. Of concern is the standardization across multiple federal institutions of financial disclosure based on the common reporting elements of all reporting governments, and for the reports to be submitted in a machine-readable format. This could lead to requirements of certain technologies to do so. As David Ulbricht, SDAO, shared, this could have a $1.5 billion cost on bond issuers – including special districts.

Click here for NSDC article alerting members to this provision

Members should be advised that NSDC may be issuing an Action Alert ahead of the Senate’s consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act, which must be passed by the end of the year.

2022 Census of Local Governments

Please consider completing the U.S. Census’ Bureau’s 2022 of Census of Local Governments. Information gleaned from this survey is critical to our understanding of special districts, trends among special districts, and helps us convey official information that firmly positions special districts as class of local governments.

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State and Local Cybersecurity Act Now Law

S. 2520, the State and Local Cybersecurity Act, was signed into law. 

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March 2022

Federal Wildland Fire Commission Nominations Open

February 2022

Districts Make The Difference

December 2021

Coalition Member Meetings on The Hill