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FASD memberships expire on September 30.

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All of us at FASD want to say thank you for being a member of our association. Thank you for making us an association unlike any other. YOU are the very heart of FASD and the reason why we do what we do. Thank you for inspiring us and continuing to ignite our passion to serve you.

While 2022 has been more of a return to “normal” for many of us, challenges for special districts have continued, and we recognize our members have been impacted both professionally and personally. To help all members continue to navigate the uncertainty, here are some of the ways we are continuing to work for you:

  • Trusted Network of Peers - Knowing that you are not alone in facing new challenges like hybrid meetings and returning to in-person events, has made all the difference to our members. Being a part of FASD ensures access to thought-leaders, decision-makers, and like-minded individuals who care about you and your success.
  • Premium Education - Providing members educational programs that are accessible, affordable, and customized is paramount. We are committed to continue to deliver engaging, informative, and transformative virtual and in-person education and conferences.
  • Relevant Resources - FASD is committed to keeping you informed and distributing helpful resources for today, tomorrow, and beyond. Samples, templates, models, case studies research, and more are an email away.
  • FASD Education Foundation: Supporting Your Professional Goals. The FASD Education Foundation offers professional development scholarships for the CDM Program. This year was no exception. We know that members need professional development funds now more than ever and we are happy to support all members on their professional journey. This year so far the FASD Education Foundation awarded over $15,000.00 to district members to reach their professional goals.




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FASD is your professional association and we wouldn’t be here without you. We value your commitment and look forward to your continued participation throughout this year and beyond. If you have any questions on renewing or how we can help you in 2023, please contact Katherine Hughes at [email protected] or call her at (850) 224-7775.