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FUBA's The Advisor and e-Advisor

FASD has obtained this invaluable information provided as a benefit to members from Ramba Consulting Group, LLC. Every year, FUBA publishes The Advisor, a pocket-sized legislative guidebook. This book is available to pick up during the Legislative Forum. The Advisor is the best source for the Florida Legislature. Though FUBA has sold out of the 2022 Advisor guidebooks, FUBA also offers the e-Advisor, an Excel database that can be used to create mailing labels or form letters.

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State Legislative Updates

Each week during Florida's interim committee weeks and the annual legislative session, FASD provides our members with an exclusive overview of the most up-to-date important legislative action and activities in Tallahassee.

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Federal Legislative Updates

The National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) is the only national organization federally representing and advocating for all special districts. A key element of the Coalition’s mission is federal advocacy for special districts to receive equitable access to critical programs available to other local governments.

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Federal Grants Services

The National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) is partnering with The Ferguson Group (TFG) to provide grant services to its members. TFG has decades of experience working with local governments, public agencies, and special districts to find funding for priority projects. TFG is offering NSDC members a wide range of grant services at no cost.

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The Quarterly Focus

The Quarterly Focus is sent directly to district managers and officials who make the decisions in Florida’s special districts. These managers, their staffs, and their members represent millions of dollars in sales opportunities.

The Quarterly Focus is the top source for information on Florida special districts news and resources.

With over 800 members in the State of Florida, including those who manage all forms of special districts, the Florida Association of Special Districts (FASD) is the recognized primary resource for information on special purpose government.

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Loan Assistance Program

The primary objective of the loan assistance program is to provide special districts throughout Florida with additional value-added programs and services through their membership to FASD. This program provides FASD members with access to a professional services team to assist with analyzing and obtaining financing for new capital projects and/or refinancings via the bank loan market.

For more information on how to connect with the professional services team, contact Rachel Kruse at [email protected]


Deposit Accounts with unlimited FDIC Insurance

Ameris Bank has developed a program to provide liquidity, competitive rates of returns and access to multi-million dollar FDIC insurance on all member districts' cash and cash reserves.

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NPPGov is a national cooperative procurement organization offering publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. Their contracts are created through a public solicitation by a Lead Public Agency. Membership is entirely complimentary with no purchasing obligations. NPPGov members have access to a large variety of publicly solicited contracts to simplify purchasing while complying with procurement requirements. NPPGov’s contract portfolio is continually growing to meet the needs of their members.

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CAVU provides you the ability to compare, analyze, and view both your healthcare and ancillary data to other similar public entities, all in the same system. We know that improved awareness, transparent information, and clear communication is what drives optimal outcomes. CAVU was developed on the idea of connecting public sector entities for the benefit of all!

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Credit Card Partnership

This partnership is through U.S. Bank and where U.S. Bank shall pay (00.20 basis points) to FASD for card net purchases made by members using a card tied to a U.S. Bank Business Card Account. This card will feature the FASD logo on it.

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Surplus Marketplace

GovDeals helps compliantly manage the sale of surplus inventory for special districts and then gives FASD 2% of fees collected from members’ sales.

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The Florida Sheriffs Association Cooperative Purchasing Program

The Florida Sheriffs Association, in partnership with the Florida Association of Counties, offers statewide purchasing contracts on a variety of vehicles, equipment, and services that are available to all eligible agencies, including special districts.

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