Certified District Administrative Professional Program

As the business landscape changes, the duties of administrative professionals also evolve. The FASD Certified District Administrative Professional (CDAP) Program, in collaboration with the Florida Institute of Government (IOG), aims to equip these professionals with a competitive advantage through the recognized CDAP certification. This program's development marks a milestone, with the inaugural training session and certification exam scheduled for April 2024.

While the FASD Board has the responsibility for the CDAP Program, the Education and Certification Committee oversees the program and provides peer review of the qualifications of a candidate. FIOG develops and administers the training and the final certification written project.

Initial Certification

The CDAP designation requires experience and/or education components as noted in this application along with the successful completion of the course written project.

Once the candidates review the program description and feel they meet the educational and/or experience requirements, they should complete the application. The application will be submitted to the Executive Director’s office and then forwarded on to the Education and Certification Committee Chair where the application will be shared with the Committee. If a candidate meets the qualifications, their name will be submitted to the FASD Board for approval. Once the course and project have been successfully completed, the Education and Certification Committee Chair will make a recommendation to the FASD Board to confer the CDAP designation. These approvals for the program and the recommendations can be presented at any regularly scheduled FASD Board meeting.

Upon successful completion of the program, the candidate will receive a certificate from FASD and FIOG, indicating that they have achieved the status of Certified District Administrative Professional (CDAP). This achievement will be formally announced at the next scheduled Annual Conference. The CDAP will be entitled to all rights and privileges according to that title, which includes the right to place “CDAP” after their name as an indication of their credentials and accomplishment.


The CDAP designation will require bi-annual renewal. To maintain the certification, all CDAPs will be required to attend FASD-sponsored events and complete 16 hours (Continuing Education Units, or CEUs) of verifiable training within the two (2) year period. In the event the CDAP does not complete the required CEUs, they may request an extension from the Education and Certification Committee, as described below, to maintain certification. The FASD Executive Director will maintain a list of CDAPs and contact them six (6) months prior to the end of the two (2) year period. Evidence of a successful completion of recertification requirements will be submitted to the Education and Certification Committee Chair.

Continuing Education Units

Continuing education opportunities will also be available at each annual conference and at someregular meetings. The applicable courses and the number of hours associated with each will be advertised with the conference or meeting announcement after approval from the Education and Certification Committee.

Courses can be submitted to the Education and Certification Committee Chair for acceptance. A CDAP seeking additional CEUs from other sources must submit in writing a course description to the Committee prior to attendance for approval, as well as a copy of a certification or acknowledgement from the conference director and/or instructor showing their attendance. These items must be submitted to the Education and Certification Committee after their attendance to this course.

Certified District Administrative Professional Program Application
Certified District Administrative Professional Program Scholarship Application

Although our April class is full, we are still accepting applications for Certified District Administrative Professional Program. You will be put on a wait list for admission when this course is offered again next year.

**FASD’s Education and Certification Committee reserves the right to cancel live or virtual classes in the event of any emergency situation or lack of participants. Canceled registration fees will be refunded or reserved for a future class.

Who should apply?

This program is geared towards any district employee looking to keep a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Subjects covered include:

  • Structure and Function of Local Government in Florida
  • Working with Your District Manager/Board
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Florida Public Records Management
  • DISC: Understanding Ourselves and Others
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  • Dealing with Difficult People


Provided once a year during the Quarterly Meeting opposite from Legislative Forum.


Must complete final project administered by the Florida Institute of Government


Graduates will be given a certificate of completion at the end of scheduled course if requested, and an official CDAP Certificate will be presented at the following Annual Conference.

Re-certification is required every 2 years.