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About Florida Association of Special Districts

The mission of the Florida Association of Special Districts is to unify and strengthen special purpose government through education, the exchange of ideas, and active involvement in the legislative process.

There are over 1,900 Independent and Dependent Special Districts in the state of Florida, governed by more than 30 statutes, involving over 500 local governments. Special districts provide limited special purpose government on a local level, and whether your district specializes in fire control, libraries, ports and inlets, mosquitoes, water control, community development, roads, hospitals, or any other, you have the same need: to be accountable and accessible to the citizens you serve. In coordination with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida Association of Special Districts continues to provide current news and trends to special district employees and governing board officials.

The Benefits of Membership

Whether you are a special district employee, a special district governing board official, or a business that is essential to special districts, there are many ways you would benefit as a member of FASD.

Primarily, you will see significant savings in registration fees for member meetings, legislative forums, FASD Annual Conference, and the Certified District Manager Program. In addition, you will have access to education & specialized training, district-to-district networking & knowledge base, and legislative & governmental advocacy.

Why You Should Join FASD


Ethics for Special Districts

Annual ethics training is a state-mandated requirement for all of Florida's elected and appointed local officers of independent special districts. Learn more about the requirement, the options to complete it, and how to record completion below.

Beginning January 1, 2024, state law requires all elected local officers of independent special districts, and persons appointed to fill those seats if vacant, to complete four (4) specific hours of ethics training annually. If an official is elected on or before March 31, the official must complete their annual ethics training by December 31 of the year their term begins. If their term starts after March 31, the official is not required to complete the required ethics training until December 31 of the following year.

4-Hour Ethics Training Course

Certified District Manager Program

Next available class: October 21 - 24, 2024 | St. Augustine, FL

FASD is proud to offer various Certification programs to our members, and future members!

Florida's special districts are a vital component of Florida's Local Government System, which means our association works in conjunction with the Florida Special District Accountability Program to ensure district managers and officials comply with statutes governing special districts.

Education is imperative to the growth of knowledge within the leadership of the special districts network..

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