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The Florida Association of Special Districts' vision is to become the recognized collective voice of special purpose government.

The mission of the Florida Association of Special Districts is to unify and strengthen special purpose government through education, the exchange of ideas and active involvement in the legislative process.

Association Profile

Today, there are over 1,600 Independent and Dependent Special Districts in the state, governed by more than 30 statutes, involving over 500 local governments.  Special Districts provide limited purpose government on a local level.  Fire control, library, port & inlet, mosquito, water control, community development, roads, hospital, and other districts--all providing unique services, but all with the same need to be accountable and accessible to the citizens they serve.

The Department of Economic Opportunity, Division of Community Development, assists with educational programs for board members and the annual conference by partnering with the Association. Through the web site, newsletter, Certified District Manager Program, Certified District Officials' Program, member meetings and annual conference, FASD continues to provide current news and trends to employees and governing board officials of Special Districts.

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Association Office
Fred Crawford, Executive Director
2713 Blairstone Lane
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Phone:  (850) 999-1937
            (855) 469-3273
Fax:      (850) 224-7704